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This is the Living Space where a 21st Century Alchemy is being made.


The work of the Alchemist studio encourages you to discover yourself how geometry becomes the binding factor that allows all of matter to exist and how it allows space to be truly filled with exactly equal amounts of matter and antimatter. Finally explaining the many mysteries of quantum physics, and how the subatomic particles and atoms fit together without flying apart.

The dualities of gravity and levity, time and anti-time, light and darkness, entropy and syntropy, space and counterspace, all become explainable in an easy to understand way using standard every-day language and none of the impossible equations that few of us have ever really understood.

This is a simple story of our adventure into the world of the smallest building blocks of the universe and how this knowledge will allow you to finally understand how everything else works, everything from the photon of light through to the light of the distant stars. And most importantly of all your place in this universe, and on this planet that we call Home, for now anyway…

By understanding our world at the quantum level you will be able to live fully on the level of middle earth and reach up to the levels of light above this world, as above so below. You will be able to make the quantum leap to a new level of consciousness, a Universal Human Consciousness.


The Alchemist Studio - is an online meeting place and digital workspace. 

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If you are also chasing your dream of a New Society and a New Science you are welcome to join us. This living space, online and offline, is a place to meet, comment, discuss, contribute, to live and to love at the new frequency and for a new future.

Just send us a message with your questions or comments, or sign into the blog space where you can comment directly on our online posts. Join us on the social media. Or join the 21st Century Alchemy community and get involved in this amazing journey into the future.

Help us keep The Alchemist Studio running by making a donation. You can choose to give any amount you like. We are also asking at the moment for donations to have the book Quantum Geometry published worldwide.

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The Alchemist - is an alchemical partnership.

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Gary Barham - has been studying esoteric mysticism and alchemy for over thirty years, and was born in one of the last pieces of paradise on earth, New Zealand, he brings a true understanding of primordial nature together with a knowledge of our modern technological age.  


Christine van Blokland - a child of the old world, growing up close to Amsterdam in the Netherlands, who has been on a life long search for the true meaning of life in the hectic of a world society that is losing itself, she is following her path of enlightenment, or light, love and life.

the Alchemist

Q. So, who is actually the Alchemist, from the Alchemist studio that is producing this New Wholistic Science and the book Quantum Geometry?

gary. Well, the Alchemist is the New Zealander Gary Barham, that's me, and Christine van Blokland from the Netherlands, Old Europe.

Q. Then it sounds like it's two people and not just one person. How should we see this in the physical world?

Chris. Alchemy is always the mixing of Fire and Water, the Feminine and the Masculine. You will always find that any true alchemist has a partner in the real story, whether this partner is visible or quiet, behind the scenes. Most traditional alchemists have been reclusive men in dusty laboratories filled with shabby looking books, racks of glass jars and strange looking specimens, and most of them stayed this way until they discovered the Stone of the Wise, the Philosophers Stone.

Q. Is that the secret to alchemy then, the Stone, and what is it, where can we find it?

gary. Wisdom, the Stone of the Wise, is a gemstone that fell from the heavens during the battle of Michael with the dragon, Lucifer, the apple that fell from the Tree of Knowledge leading to the fall of Man. In alchemy we know wisdom as Sophia, and the wisdom of man as Anthroposophia. Sophia is the feminine aspect that has been lost from the world of man, that retreated into the center of the earth as Mother Earth.

Q. So, the Stone of the Wise is the feminine, and alchemy is the reconnecting of the feminine with the masculine aspect of the man? Wisdom is in every woman then!

Chris. Yes, definitely. The intellect, the intelligence, of the man is reconnected with the heart, the wisdom of the woman. When you know this you know everything. The world, the Universe, God. This is the true duality that led to the fall of man and will lead to our return home.

Q. Home? Aren't we already home, here on earth?

Chris . We are at a turning point on earth, and it is this transformation that has been set in motion by the return of the feminine, the return of Sophia. By reconnecting the intellect of the head and the wisdom of the heart, fire and water, the body and the spirit we awaken to a new human consciousness that will bring us back to the Universal Consciousness of God, back to the Spirit, our true home . This new consciousness, the New Holistic Science is also increasing the frequency of the physical earth and as a direct result the veil between this world and the etheric realms above this world becomes thinner, allowing us to reconnect with the first spirit realm above the physical, the etheric. This is the start of the long journey back to the etheric paradise and then on to the Astral worlds and eventually the true world of Spirit, our home in the stars.

Q. The Philosophers Stone will be found in the stars then?

gary . By reconnecting the feminine of humanity with the masculine of humanity you will open your heart directly to the Stone of the Wise, it is the connection of your head with your heart, and it is most easily attained by entering a true unity of man and woman . An alchemical relationship is a true awakening to your higher self, your higher consciousness, that connects you directly to higher knowledge, to the Wisdom of the Universe, to Spirit. You become alive again to the Life in all that is, and drink again from the Fountain of Life.

Q. Is this the One truth, above all other truths that we are talking about when we are doing alchemy? Is this The Truth we need to discuss when we are talking about truth?

gary . All possesses life, and all possesses Spirit. Life is Spirit, and Spirit is Life. The gift of Spirit is a great one, for it not only connects you to everything else, but it also connects you to yourself. This is the One Truth.

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