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Space & Counterspace

Counterspace is a real place and can be found just about anywhere in space you find matter, any matter, as you should also find at that point antimatter. By creating a particle of matter the universe always creates antimatter, one particle of each sort, and in order to keep them apart it neatly puts the matter on one side of a singularity and antimatter on the other side, always keeping everything in symmetry. The double vortex is a good example of this principal, with the second vortex often in counterspace and not visible to us on this side. And the sun is the biggest and best place for creating matter, on our side of the universe.


In fact, way back in time the sun accumulated so much antimatter that it became an ultimate singularity with a complete material world on this side and an anti-material world on the other side. The burning surface of the sun being the visible singularity between two worlds. We can see the transition zone with our own eyes, the actual battle in the heavens, the annihilation zone where matter and antimatter meet and disappear in a reaction of immense heat and light. So, if we can see it, we can also imagine what it would be like to go there, and further.


The closer you get to the sun the more it will pull you towards it, as you are mostly matter and the sun is antimatter with its real power of attraction. Don't worry too much about what happens when you get there, we are only doing this in our thought space and not real space, otherwise it could start getting quite hot. So, imagine the world we live in, the material world, being made up of matter and a second world, a complete world, on the other side of a singularity made up of antimatter, an anti-world. This is what we have when we look in the simplest and most realistic way at our Universe. It begins each cycle, or epoch of evolution, with the creation of space and a corresponding counterspace. This is the duality that begins as the seas above and the seas below.


The inverted V at the bottom of the Solar Torus (as seen in the double vortex drawing above), this is counterspace, so all of the particles being radiated out through this gap with any mass are anti-particles, antimatter. Is this possible? You never hear the scientists talking about a counterspace, or antimatter, on the other side of the sun. Yet, the quantum physics formulas demand the antimatter and non-Euclidean geometry gives us the torus, the singularity and counterspace, for free, so here we are using it. This is what it looks like. The fun part is that this upside-down V at the bottom will most likely have a complete solar system of planets in it as well, just like ours, they will be counterspace planets though, made of antimatter. Why not? 

Double vortex.jpg

There are two questions that always come up when thinking about counterspace planets. Why don't we see them from here with our telescopes and how would they move in relation to the sun. If we look away from the earth out into space, we see the heavens above our head via the expanding light cone that is leaving the sun, and we only see a part of the night sky, depending on what day and time it is. If we look the other way towards the sun the light cone is contracting in to a point and so we only see that part of sun where the light cone is focused. The counterspace light cone is then exactly opposite to this point on the sun and facing out the other way, it is always opposite, so we would never see any planets in that light cone, if they are there. It is quite amazing to think of a complete solar system of planets so close by and yet not visible to us. We can even think of the many legends of a second earth, or a second 'universe", that have fired our imagination for centuries.


Let's have a look at how these counterspace planets would move in relation to the sun and our own light cone. If the sun is traveling, at high speed through space with the planets spiraling along behind, then we would all simply crash into the counterspace planets that are then in front of us. However this is not so, the counterspace version of the sun is actually going the other way, with its planets in tow, in counter time . To a consciousness outside of the Universe, outside of Time looking in it would appear like we are standing still, but to us here we know we are moving forwards into the future, and the counterspace planets are moving from the future the other away, into the past. The sun is a counterspace infinity, or transformation point in space. These concepts are what make this 21st century Alchemy so amazingly interesting.

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