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& Darkness

One of the most obvious dualities is that of Light and darkness. Clearly if you remove all light it becomes dark, however in Alchemy the background condition of the Universe is darkness, always. It is only when we create light, using the energy of a star, or our sun, that you will enlighten the darkness. Darkness is a real thing (and not simply the absence of light) created wherever matter is present, it takes light to overcome darkness and allow us to see matter. 

The symbol for Fire in alchemy is the red upward pointing triangle and so we can also use this for Light. In this new Alchemy we can also show that not only is the carrier of light the Photon but that it is also associated with Antimatter and Electricity. Because of its birth out of antimatter the photon is normally invisible to us until it reacts with matter, either being absorbed or reflected. Light is a strangely mystical, strangely immaterial thing that has left us wondering for centuries at just what it is.


The polarity of Light is Darkness, and although science tells us that it is not something in itself, only the absence of light, we need to really see darkness as the Magnetic field of Matter. The Gluon is the duality of the Photon and it is the interaction between these two opposites that allow us to see matter, illuminated by antimatter. 


Matter becomes visible, not when overpowered by light but when light and darkness are in balance through the Photon and the Gluon of electromagnetism. Visible Light is a very small bandwidth of frequencies between two vast fields of Darkness, all of the low frequencies under infra-red and the immensely high frequencies above ultra-violet light. Darkness is all of matter and light is the influence of antimatter that makes it visible.

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Light is pure Spirit, and this is why it is always transparent to us. Darkness is light that is trapped in matter, it is matter. The colors of the visible light spectrum from white, through the rainbow colors to black are always connected with an object, matter. Our universe is filled with matter and so it is dark, it is darkness, and that darkness is something, it is matter. The only way to bring it to light is to shine light into it and that requires energy, energy ranging in form from burning candle wax or an electric light bulb, through to the etheric light created by the sun or stars. Light is the shining etheric energy of the Spirit and Darkness is the stored etheric energy of matter. QED

So, darkness doesn't have a set speed like light then, darkness just is, it is in all of space and all of time, darkness is fully condensed Warmth Ether, the Life Ether, it is all of matter, it is the magnetism of the Sound Ether, it is the gravity associated with mass, it is the gluon in the matrix, and the zero-point energy field - darkness will move at any speed it likes, anywhere from almost zero up to almost, but not quite the speed of light.

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Darkness is the inside of the Universal Cosmic Consciousness, the Cosmic Egg, it is the ground-state of the womb of God, we are The Darkness, learning to shine the Light. Light is what we find on the outside of God, and the speed of light is nothing more, or less, than the escape velocity of Darkness (the speed you need to travel in order to break the bonds of matter). To return to the light all you need to do is follow the light beam, escape darkness, and to return Home.

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