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The flow of time, the time that is passing while you are reading this, is an enigma to science that it is still unable to explain. In fact when you started this sentence, you were in the present, but that is now the past, you can't go back and start all over again, so it is always good to pay attention to anything you do, you never get a second chance, that's why they always say it is never as good as the first time, there is only ever a first time, for everything. You can, of course easily go back and start reading again from the beginning, but it won't ever be the same as the other times. Time measures the order in which things happen, but does it actually measure a thing, something real, something flowing? What is Time itself? This is another one of those moments when our science gets stuck, we can't do anything in this world, even our scientific experiments, without measuring the flow of time. So can we measure something that doesn't exist? It would be pretty amazing if we did.

A clock is not measuring anything, not even time. A clock, whatever sort you are using, gives nothing more than a resonating reference point that we can attach to the things that are happening in our lives, it is a labeling machine, just the same as a calendar or agenda, these are all just attaching a coded reference to life as it unfolds. And we are the inventors of the code, not nature, if you don't know how to decode the numbers on the label they won't mean anything to you at all, so we all learn this at school and we as a society agree on which code to use in order to limit confusion.

Time then, is not a physical something and is nothing more than a man-made illusion, however, one that we all believe in, without question, proving, without a doubt, the power of belief. Time cannot be measured, experimented on, observed, stored, transported or destroyed, making it nothing more than a meta-physical concept with no foundation in physics. This seems pretty strange for a concept that is so vital to life on earth, a concept that is used to label our very existence.

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Time, all of time, is physically divided into quanta, each moment of time has a definite beginning and end, and these quanta follow each other into the future, when viewed from our vantage point here in the middle, or when we look at the quantum level itself, where the quanta of time can be physically found, they always move to where they are needed, obeying the rules of Time itself. They are not linked automatically into a thread of time, such as we see it, but as quanta they can move left or right, forward or backwards, into the future or into the past, they are able to follow our arrow into our future, for our convenience, but just as easily, the arrow pointing towards the future of counterspace, towards our past. That second option, traveling into our past, is perfectly possible at the quantum level, and actually happens, when needed, we just don't see it at this level, unless we truly open our eyes.

The arrow of space,  the arrow of entropy, of decay, always finds its opposite, when we truly look, in that of syntropy, flowing back towards life, and the arrow of time, flowing unceasingly towards our own death, finds its true opposite in anti-time, or counter clock-wise time, where time flows backwards, to our past, to our birth. The Tree of Life standing in the center of the Garden is the giver of Life and the source of vitality for our etheric and physical bodies, the source of our true strength to survive the rigors of life in this world, and the electromagnetic filament that governs the flow of time in this part of the universe. By stepping into the flow of the Tree we are able to travel in time, even if just for a few seconds, allowing us to constantly adjust our physical and etheric bodies to the ideal balance, to find our true frequency, or harmony in this world .

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Past      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-bad5 _ccf3136-557819cc -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Now       _cc781905-5cf3194-5cde-3194-bb3b

Technology, machines, the masculine, and entropy take us forwards with the flow of Time into the future and the opposite flow of counter--Time, of nature, life, the feminine, and syntropy take backwards again, in every moment. We swing like the pendulum between Future and Past. . . constantly creating the present, we live perpetually in our own creation of the Now. We are not only leaving a past behind us but are also constantly meeting ourselves coming out of the future. So just like the old craftsman clock makers already knew, time is not a linear forward facing arrow but is a constant swing between entropy and syntropy, creation and decay, past and future, each moment is a quantum of time balanced carefully on the knife- edge of the now. Grab the moment, it's the only one you have.


When we are able to find a true vitality of life, to maintain this to the full through balancing the yin and yang of entropy and syntropy, of time and counter-time and live a long and useful life all the way through to a peaceful and timely death, we are able to simply step out of this physical form and are reborn into the spiritual worlds. We climb the Tree, our stairway to heaven, to be reunited with our higher-self, our family and ancestors, and the world of angelic beings above and around the earth. It is our journey up the Tree that we use to analyze our life just past and to prepare ourselves for a new, future incarnation on middle earth, step by step we grow to better understand the Tree itself and to evolve, lifetime by lifetime into a truly wise, creative and sentient being in order to eventually become, ourselves, a being of Light.

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