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Crop Circle Codes - Hackpen Hill - Winding Down

During the many years of the amazing crop circle phenomenon these sacred symbols in the wheat fields having been helping guide a spiritual transformation, a transformation of human consciousness. We have now passed the peak of this work and for the past few years the number of crop circles has been declining, we are seeing a winding down. If we are lucky, it will just be a temporary decline, a low point before we see the number growing again as we enter a new phase.

This circle close to the Hackpen Hill White Horse, Wiltshire, on the 19th of June, shows us a windmill-like set of sails rotating anticlockwise. The special lay of the grain is emphasizing the movement. It has 10 sails, the number ten in numerology being completion, the end of the cycle. The date 19 June is also showing the number 10 when we add the 1 and 9 together.

The number ten in geometry is shown most simply by using the pentagram and last year we had a nice 10-pointed crop circle at Longwood Warren on the 4th of July 2021, with 5 of the points passing through the pentagram in a unique and interesting way. The number 5 represents humanity, and the number 10 is the double of this, the masculine and the feminine.

In 2019 we had a similar crop circle close to the Westbury White Horse, with 12 triangles rotating clockwise. This was a wonderful sun with 12 rays nestled into the ripening wheat field beginning to turn golden yellow. The number 12 being transformation, this crop circle came at the hight of this cycle of transformation of human consciousness.

We are moving into the Age of Aquarius and passing into a new dawn of the feminine Sun, the Sophia Sun. This will take us from the godly masculine of the number the 3, the Father, to the number 2 of the goddess, the Mother. Guidance of humanity will return to the people themselves, the duality of right and wrong, light and dark, yes and no, we will be able to choose again how we would like to run our lives and our world. The number 3 put this control into the hands of a higher force above the world, a masculine kingly force of domination. This force from above is now ending and we will see a return to peace, Love, and the feminine.

So, now we are winding down, this newest crop circle is even rotating backwards, taking us back to quieter times, completing the cycle and giving us some breathing space again after a few years of intense chaos. We certainly need it in these crazy times. The world is moving on, we are completing the work of transformation and can look forward to a flourishing of nature, a return of earthly abundance.

It even reminds us of those lazy Greek windmills turning slowly in the deep blue skies of a quiet island village bathed in Mediterranean sunlight. They work at a totally different speed to the giant wind turbines that are destroying our own landscapes today. Why shouldn’t we look forward to a return to a more human scale again, we should take control of our technology once more and not be driven into high-tech smart cities divorced of everything human.

The Sun that we see in the sky everyday, from sunrise to sunset, is so reliable and dependable that we would never expect it to suddenly change character. But this is what is happening even if we don’t want to see it for ourselves, it has been changing already over many years, leading to a gradual change of climate here on earth, our home planet. These changes are becoming less and less possible to explain using the nuclear fireball theory of current science, and are leading towards a likely solar event that will flip the current theory over into the new science of an Electric Sun consisting of an antimatter-matter annihilation singularity. The Sun is changing and our world is changing with it, we can follow the change or we can resist it to our peril.

Quadrality - Thomas Boulvin

Quadrality is the harmonious balancing of the masculine and feminine in each of us that allows us to purify ourselves and to purify the world, to raise ourselves to a higher dimension and a higher consciousness. The beauty and purity of nature becomes fully visible here on earth and we become truly open to the love and wisdom of the heavens.

Love and wisdom,

The Alchemist.

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